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Models: O309, 406, 407, 408, 409, 508, 608, 613

If in doubt, you can check the window hight:

73 cm from rubber to rubber

(measured at the windows of the rear, side or cabin door)

€ 68,- VanCurtain per window 

€ 150,- VanCurtain windshield 

€ 114,- Screen curtains (set of 2)



VanCurtain per window:

  • All windows of the doors are the same (cabin doors, side doors and rare doors)

  • The VanCurtains have slanted angles at the top, so the door can easily be opened and closed

  • If the window behind the driver does not have a door, then that window is 10 cm wider, indicate this in the order form (that VanCurtain will be 10 cm wider and has right angles in stead of slanted angles)

  • There are 12 sewn-in magnets per VanCurtain

  • You can fold the VanCurtain in half and roll it up when the curtain is hanging

VanCurtain windshield:

  • The windshield curtain includes the triangular side windows

  • The windshield curtain will hang under the sun visors

  • The windshield curtain has magnets on the top and the sides, the bottom has nog magnets, but falls on the dashboard.

  • The windshield curtain cannot be folded upwards, but you can fold it to the side

€ 68,- VanCurtain per window

€ 68,- VanCurtain deviating size

(if the window behind the driver is not a door)

€ 150,- VanCurtain windshield

€ 114,- Screen curtains (set of 2)

(for a standard window, fits on the cabin door)

Prices and shipping

  • All prices include 21% VAT

  • Shipping is free!

  • Shipping within Europe is possible for the following countries: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France,
    Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Delivery time

  • After completing the order form you will receive an invoice by email

  • After payment of the invoice, the fabrics are ordered and the curtains are custom-made.

  • The average delivery time is 3 to 4 weeks after payment of the invoice (shipping from the Netherlands takes 5 to 8 working days).

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