Outside black &

Inside fabric of your choice 


All VanCurtains are made with black blackout fabric on the outside and a fabric of your choice on the inside. All VanCurtains are completely darkening.


With the black blackout fabric on the outside, the windows seem blinded and your van doesn’t stand out as a camper. Ideal if you want to camp incognito.


Choose the fabric on the inside of the VanCurtains. You can choose fabrics with print of plain colored fabrics. Fill in the name of the fabric on the order form.


€ 68,- VanCurtain per window

€ 83,- VanCurtain deviating size

€ 136,- VanCurtain windshield


star ocher s
star rust s
star denim s
square yellow
square orange
square red
swallow denim
swallow black
tropical ocher
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Looking for a bigger selection of fabrics with print?

Go to the (Dutch) website www.onlinestoffen.nl (under ‘stoffen’ and ‘katoen’) for more fabrics with print (choose from more than 700 fabrics) Fill in the name (or copy the link) of the fabric in the order form (or e-mail a screenshot of the fabric). Fabric prices higher than 5,95 per meter will be included in the price.


light grey
mid grey
dark gray
light blue
mint green (warm)
mint green (intense)
moss green
bottle green
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Characteristics of a VanCurtain

  • black blackout fabric on the outside (the windows seem blinded and your van doesn’t stand out as a camper)

  • a fabric of your choice on the inside (choose from more than 700 fabrics, both fabrics with print as plain colored fabrics)

  • the curtains are darkening and do not let any light in, even on the edges, because they're tightly attached to the window

  • at least 12 sewn in magnets in the seam (at the topside, bottom and the sides)

  • easy and quick to attach & remove, no need for curtain rails or other attachments

  • to open the curtains you can fold or roll up the curtain

  • available for different models of Mercedes-Benz, all sizes of the windows are known


VanCurtain ships to the following countries in Europe:

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

Email: info@vancurtain.eu

Tel: +316 100 657 43

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VAT No: NL001958026B23


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