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VanCurtain is part of the Dutch company BusGordijn



BusGordijn was actually created by a lack of construction skills.

"I wanted to make curtains for my own camper (Mercedes 409), but I'm not used to work with a power drill, so curtain rails were not an option. Because I am a lot more skilled with a sewing machine, I came up with the idea of sewing magnets into the curtains."


This turned out to be the perfect solution for curtains in a camper, because not only are the curtains super easy to attach and remove, you don't have to damage the camper by screwing curtain rails or other attachments into it. Moreover, the curtains are so tightly attached to the window that sunlight is totally blacked out. 

"I was an instant fan of my own curtains and because I couldn't find a better solution anywhere on the internet,

I quickly decided to turn this into a business."

The company name? Just as it is: BusGordijn (VanCurtain in Dutch).

"I bought hundreds of magnets, looked at all the fabrics from the fabric shops and made a silkscreen window to make my own BusGordijn labels. I measured a lot of Mercedes buses and made molds from which - with Pythagoras' theorem - I calculated all the measurements of the windows."


Even before the BusGordijn website went online, orders from all over the Netherlands came in on Instagram and Facebook.


Because BusGordijn is so popular in the Netherlands (but the majority of the Instagram followers of BusGordijn do not come from the Netherlands) it is time for the next step at the end of 2018: Europe. The same curtains, but under a new name: VanCurtain, specifically aimed at countries in Western Europe.

Over BusGordijn - DH met Sebas (te klein

In addition to BusGordijn / VanCurtain, Laurie also writes chalkboards for restaurants, festivals and shops. A few months a year she lives in her camper because she works for pop-up restaurants at festivals throughout the summer (including Theaterfestival De Parade, Best Kept Secret, Down the Rabbit Hole and Into the Great Wide Open). There she is mainly occupied with the cash register, but also with dishwashing, ceramics and silkscreen printing. In the summer the entire BusGordijn / VanCurtain sewing station moves along to the festivals and the curtains for the bus are made on the campsite.

Over BusGordijn - DH met Kiki.JPG

Dutch video about VanCurtain and Laurie, made by Sebastiaan Labrie at Theaterfestival De Parade 2018.

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